Monday, December 3, 2012

Strength and Conditioning is Important for Everybody
Everybody should take advantage of the opportunity to get stronger and in better shape. In preseason of all sports I would say about 100% of athletes agree that this is the worse season. This is the season when we all get in shape. However, preseason is where strength and conditioning is most important. The team that works the hardest in preseason will do better in the long run.  It is also good to start working on your strength at an early age, when your are in elementary, middle and high school and you have physical education class students should take it more seriously.

Social media can be used to help strength and conditioning coaches

Social media is not just for interacting on the Internet with your friends. Strength and conditioning coaches use social media for plenty of different reason. They use it to share information on the work that they do. For example, if a strength coach has a good workout that he would like to share with other coaches then he can put some of his workout routines on social media. However, like my strength coach said, a lot of strength coaches would like to “keep what they are doing somewhat private.” Meaning they can show some of their workouts but they do not want to reveal everything, because if they show the world everything then what he does is not different from anybody else. He also mentioned that they have to be careful to whom they are showing their routines. I know from experience that some people try to come watch our workouts but Tarp does not let them observe without the Head coaches permission. Think about how much you see commercials or stuff on line about how to get in shape. On the Internet there are always ads that are telling users to buy their product and work out to help them get in shape. Social media helps promote people to workout and that is how it impacts strength and conditioning.

The reason I chose strength and conditioning

The reason I chose my topic is because I have always been interested in strength and conditioning. Watching Kyle Tarp, my strength coach, work out the basketball team and do everything he does for us, has gotten me very interested in strength and conditioning. I believe what he does plays a big role in why we are doing so well in our season right now. Strength and conditioning is important for every sport not just basketball, usually in a competitive sport even the team that is in better shape wins the game. I chose this topic so I can push others to be great, I want to work with athletes one day and get them ready for a season just like Tarp has done for my team.  I like being apart of organizations so be able to help another generation get stronger and be the best they can be. Another big reason I chose this topic was because I can see myself pursuing this as a career in the future. I do not want to work with just any athletes more specifically college basketball players. 

Why is strength and conditioning important?

Strength and conditioning is important for everybody not just athletes, granted athletes workouts are a little different than non-athletes. Nevertheless, strength and conditioning allows everybody to live longer. It is basically just taking care of your body so you can stay alive and enjoy life much longer. From an athletes point of view strength and conditioning allows them to perform and compete at the highest level. Strength and conditioning is also important because it simply makes athletes better at what sport they participate in. It is not only strength and conditioning that is important it is also nutrition, which is also what our strength coach does. He always says “strength and conditioning will not be as effective if you don’t control what you put into your body,” he says this because if you are not eating healthy or getting the right amount of protein then the work that we do in the weight room is not going to be as effective.  To participate on a collegiate level you have to be in shape. Also, non-athletes work out for just fun, staying in shape is fun but getting in shape is not. The United States of America is known as the “fat country,” this should motivate a lot of people to take nutrition and strength and conditioning much more serious.

What I learned from doing this project

I learned that strength and conditioning is very important and that there is a lot around it. It is not easy to understand all the aspects of such a big program. I learned that doing strength and conditioning you have to keep some workouts secret. Meaning be different from other strength coaches, my strength coach (Tarp) always says, “change up your workout routine.” He says this because our bodies get used to the workouts we do if we do the same thing so work on different thing each day. Also, a very important thing about strength and conditioning is rest. After a good week of hard work, it is always good to get some rest for a couple of days. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

With mobile phones issues it builds a participation gap

The article that I read about mobile problems describes Participation Gap

Participation Gap is when students have access to the technology we use but not everybody is as skilled as others. I believe that the Mobile Phone Problems article has a Participation Gap because anybody can have access to a cellphone but they might not know how to use the device. Boyles and Rainie state “some 88% percent of American adults have cell phones” (2). Therefore, I believe it is not so much a digital divide because as was mentioned earlier many adults have access to technology and we are using them in our schools, which means children also have access to the new technology. This is not as much an economic problem people are having; it is more a lack of knowledge, which causes this participation gap. 

In the future Mobile problems will affect Participation Gap

I believe this because technology is going to become even more and more advanced over the years. If mobile users do not start using smartphones now, then in the future they will be even more confused of the features of cell phones. I believe in the future that the participation gap will increase because of this.

How can we decrease the participation gap on mobile phones?

I believe that the best way to decrease the participation gap is to keep Americans up to date with the new technology. It also starts with everybody being afraid of change. People who do not have a smart phone now do not realize how convenient it is to have everything like email, text messages and other social networks in their hand. In the next five years, I believe that everybody is going to have a smartphone and those who do not have one right now are going to be out of the loop.

What else will happen with mobile phones in the future?

In the future, a majority of small businesses will require their workers to have smart phones, because they will need information on the go for their job. Mobile phones can also change the way parents raise their children. When I was growing up, my parents would not let me have a cell phone until I was in high school but now kids in elementary and middle school have phones. Parents need to give their children the phones early to keep track of them but the children becoming familiar with the mobile device early could possibly decrease the participation gap. The only downside of children having cell phones so early is that is will decrease face-to-face communication. They will start relying on their phones; the children’s grammar could be off since they would be so used to typing. To conclude they’re pros and cons of the participation gap decreasing, It is just something we have to control.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Facebook Seth Allen

I have 2490 friends on Facebook, and I do not think I know half of them. I believe that I am only in touch with like two of them regularly. I do not normally go on Facebook but when I do I am contacted by many of my old friends. I think that is the main reason why I have not deleted mine  because I like talking to old friends every once in a while. I rarely contact people first on Facebook, I am usually on twitter every 5 minutes though. I used to be big on Facebook, but now I was introduced to twitter, life has not been the same. I have the twitter app on my iPhone and I just find it easier to communicate on twitter. Furthermore, I think that if employers want to check a perspective employer they should be able to because you can gather plenty of information about somebody from social media. I think that is a big problem now a days is that people put way too much information on the internet. Checking an individual’s social network before hiring is something employers should do because people can put on a front in a interview but you could find out the real him/her through Facebook, twitter, and other social media forms.

I chose a friend that I am touch with regularly, and then checked his Facebook to see if I would hire him. Scrolling through my Facebook friends looking for his page, I came across of many people that I would not hire. These people have inappropriate pictures up as well as shocking comments and posts on their page. Looking at my friend’s page I did not find anything that made me not want to hire him. His page was full of pictures of his family and friends. This tells me he is a big family man. He did not have inappropriate pictures, comments or post. His paged showed me that he was in love with the game of football. If I were an employer I would hire him and Facebook was very helpful for me. Those people would think otherwise. Some people would think that checking Facebook before hiring would be invading their personally privacy; they think that Facebook is a place to connect and communicate with friends. I think that teaching the youth about being aware and careful of what they put on the social network because it will be on the internet forever.

On my Facebook page my profile picture is of me and my mother. I think if somebody who did not know me saw my page they would agree that I am a family guy and a mama’s boy. Looking at my page I do not see anything bad or anything that would make somebody not want to hire me for a job. Facebook is full of personal conversations so being careful what you post is very important. To conclude, Social networking is more than just interacting and communicating with peers, it is about showing yourself to future perspective employers.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There is a new program called moving picture experts groups MPEG for short, this is a good way to compress video, audio, music and etc. This new device will help the country become more developed. Moving on from smaller programs that take up more memory; converting them into MPEG files you can compress a file into a smaller space of memory. The MPEG format will change patterns of information consumption because it allows more space to download media. It can help searching online because for people who can only search a certain amount of data on their data-plans it helps them search more information. Overall the MPEG format will make all the files smaller with the same quality.